Announcement: Bev to get her Grandchild

Thinga-reader Bev recently shared the following thought in her v-log entry titled The Announcement:

“When I was having kids, even when they were little, I was dreaming about being a grandmother, in a kind of nasty way too because I took so many pictures and so many movies and so many videos of the kids when they were growing up. My whole idea was I would have something to show to my grandchildren about what it was like when their parents were little. And who would have thought that with five kids, I’d be sitting here at age 64 with no grandchildren?”

Bev’s son Tom and his wife Laurel have a baby due in April.

Photo of Bev Sykes smiling and pointing at her home computer screen that is displaying an ultrasound image of a baby.

At 64 years, Bev is a journaler at Funny the World, a website that would be a personal blog if she didn’t maintain the whole thing by hand. She recently opened a Blogspot account to mirror her writings with a RSS feed. And she’s a v-blogger with 630 videos to her name. And she has a found-video blog called… Look at these Videos (hey, check out the video Garden Wedding and the trailer for Martian Child). And she has gobs of photos in her Flickr account, including this cute one from 1977 of the father-to-be. Oh, and Bev is a foster mother for SPCA puppies. And now she’s a grandmother. Not too shabby.

Congratulations Bev. It’s time to start bugging Tom and Laurel with all the totally inappropriate names they should consider for the baby. They won’t mind one bit.

Public Service Announcement: Thinga-readers are welcome to share their own recent birth photo (like less than 30 days), just e-mail me the particulars. My one requirement is that I can verify you as a previous commenter on the blog—apologies to my faithful legions of lurkers.


One Response to “Announcement: Bev to get her Grandchild”

  1. Bev says:

    How did I miss this entry?? Your mother just pointed it out to me. I’m…surprised and touched. Thanks for all the links.

    For Thingamablog readers, you’re the whole reason I got on the Internet in the first place!

    October 27th, 2007 at 12:05 pm