Conception Curve Post-Intercourse Pillow Keeps the Soup in the Bowl

Photo of a roughly L shaped foam pillow with a woman's legs draped over it.

Conception Curve is "the only post-coital positioning device contoured to support a woman’s hips, thighs and buttocks comfortably as gravity helps nature take its course."

Translation: it’s a pillow used to sustain a woman’s pelvic tilt as she attempts to give her mate’s swim team an extra edge as it travels up her fallopian tubes.

Whether this tilt increases your chances of getting pregnant seems up for debate, although I couldn’t find anyone debating it. You can get pregnant standing up, but it seems logical for the woman to lie horizontally, or to keep her pelvis tilted toward the ceiling (or sky or car roof or ship mast) for 10 to 30 minutes after making sweet, sweet love.

What aspiring couples haven’t used pillows or books or Marshmallow Peeps to achieve a sustained tilt?

Right, so, we’ve all done it. You can stop giggling now.

Here are the claims of how the Conception Pillow is superior to regular pillows.

  1. Contoured to fit the pelvic tilt position.
  2. Made of polyurethane foam that supports women of "all shapes and sizes."
  3. Has handles to pull the pillow under your buttocks. [Ladies, if your man is too lazy to hand you the pillow, think twice about whether you want him to be a daddy.]
  4. Lined with water-resistant material for easy cleaning. As they say, "no more mess."

That last point seems to be the clincher, but is it a $69.95 clincher?

A regular pillow with a regular white pillowcase does have its advantages after all.

You could place your stained pillowcase in a baby time capsule.

Or, continue using the pillowcase. One day your child could ask, "Mama, Papa, what is that stain?"

"Oh, honey, that’s where the tens of millions of incomplete souls of your unrealized brothers and sisters had their hopes and dreams dashed upon a field of 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton."


One Response to “Conception Curve Post-Intercourse Pillow Keeps the Soup in the Bowl”

  1. adrienne says:

    And what exactly happens to a Conception Curve after conception? (I know, I’m really into the hard theological questions today.)

    Do you sew a bright, new cover for it and call it toddler furniture?

    Does it stand on end and become the base for a corner table?

    October 12th, 2007 at 6:28 am

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