Barf Buddy: A Friend of Puking Preggos and Retching Rugrats

Photo of a plastic bucket with a handle and a lid. The bucket is labeled Barf Buddy, and is decorated with illustrated yellow caution tape and two cartoon-like children.

Barf Buddy is a portable emesis basin for upwardly mobile individuals who suffer from unintentional regurgitation.

If you have to puke, puke in style. Barf Buddy is a festive, colorful plastic bucket equipped with a state-of-the-art handle that can be used by right and left-handers alike.

The pail is spaciously designed with a 5" depth and 6" diameter to accommodate even the most voluminous user. When full, snap on its handy lid to seal in flavor.

They stack! Buy A Barf Buddy for each member of the family. And at the thrifty price of $2.50 each, how can you afford not to?

[/ end sales pitch]

When googling for references to this product I discovered a personal blog entry that reads like an ode to buckets, as only a pregnant woman could write [found via Google cache].

A reader comment was posted on the blog, seemingly from Barf Buddy’s inventor, that stated in part:

"Can you imagine the look on peoples faces at the baby shower when you give your valued friend yes her own BARF BUDDY sold only in Woodstock Canada. When they are puking their guts out they will be thinking of you."

That was back in February 2006. The guy must be rich by now. You know your invention is pure gold when an online retailer will sell your product with the sales pitch, "Better than the toilet anyday!"

Barf Buddy is made by Menne Marketing.
The company has an unfinished template-based website filled with stock
text reminiscent of the family photos you receive when buying a new
wallet. However, the website does contain a product slogan:

"If you have kids, you have to have Barf Buddy."

So, to recap, two key audiences for the product are nauseated pregnant women, and kids. My older brother used to carry a metal coffee can on family car trips. He called it his Vomitorium.

We gave our 3-year-old daughter a metal mixing bowl when she got sick. To alleviate her fear of puking, we pointed out that her cats sometimes puke up hair balls and they feel fine afterward.

My pregnant wife still gets nauseous on a daily basis in her 15th week and has taken to carrying a gallon Ziploc bag with her when she leaves the house. If you can imagine heaving when smelling certain unusual odors, imagine being a labor and delivery nurse. She somehow makes it through her workday.

So, it seems like pukers may be a viable niche customer for assistive devices. But maybe Barf Buddy isn’t for you—a little too ‘everyman’ for your taste. Well, you’re in luck. Check out the upscale tri-fold Red E Bag for discreet vomiting in the presence of polite company.


3 Responses to “Barf Buddy: A Friend of Puking Preggos and Retching Rugrats”

  1. eipwek says:

    I think it’s sort of weird that the inventor’s comment mentions giving it as a baby shower gift…most women don’t have their baby showers until the last month or 2 of pregnancy and (*most* of the time) morning sickness has long since subsided by then.

    Oh well. Still a cute product.

    October 4th, 2007 at 6:21 am

  2. adrienne says:

    Vomitorium would be a much better brand name.

    What a great middle school lunch bucket.

    AJ, I tagged you in a meme- which actually might be akin to smacking someone unsuspecting upside the head. Please don’t hate me too much:

    October 4th, 2007 at 5:36 pm

  3. crystal says:

    one this is a great gadget…if we could get small pails of ice cream with a handle…I would just buy and eat the ice cream then take that with me. but since a lot the little pails you can buy with handles are not equipped with lids…well…this is great!

    Where can I get one? I live in winnipeg and suffer from really bad “morning sickness” its 8pm lol

    September 27th, 2009 at 6:08 pm

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