Autism Speaks Website Offers Online Video Library to Some

Autism Speaks is a web site by two autism advocacy organizations, Autism Speaks and First Signs, that has put online a free* video glossary demonstrating signs of autism in real kids. Their hope is to encourage early diagnosis and treatment by increasing awareness of autism symptoms.

*Unfortunately, the website needlessly locks the videos behind a registration screen and a curious mix of software and hardware requirements that close the door to Firefox users, Linux, older versions of Windows and such. Umm, they aren’t that interested in spreading awareness, apparently.

Here’s an idea. Display your website address at the start and finish of every video, then flood Youtube and other video sharing sites with every single video. Become immediately accessible to millions of parents worldwide while creating a storm of bloggers and other websites talking about your fantastic educational resource. Become the definitive source for autism information overnight known to everyone. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’re happy being ranked #7 in Google searches for autism.

You’ll get many more kids diagnosed earlier being open than you will by squandering your videos behind less accessible technology while asking for a registration password to enter your secret hideout. Wouldn’t it be a breakthrough if every new parent watched your videos, instead of only those whose kids are so far along in the disease that the symptoms have grown too obvious to ignore? *sigh*

Me? I’m using the wrong operating system and the wrong web browser, so, no videos for me. And
to make things worse, I’m considering buying a new computer with Linux
pre-installed. (I don’t know Linux, but I mastered poopy diapers.
There’s really nothing tougher in life than caring for an infant. I can
handle Linux.)

Anyhow, here’s a news article about the website. If you’re concerned your child might have autism, it may be worth jumping through some hoops. If anyone knows of alternative autism websites with videos, please share them in the comment section.


One Response to “Autism Speaks Website Offers Online Video Library to Some”

  1. Trumanji says:

    Jeez, what a frustrating waste of time! I just spent 15 minutes trying to jump through their hoops, and I STILL couldn’t see the darned videos! I agree – they should just post them on youtube and be done with it.

    October 16th, 2007 at 7:34 am

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