Diabolo: The Ugliest, Coolest Puppets You Could Own

Two years ago I profiled Scrushkins, the ugliest, coolest doll you’ll never own—because it has been discontinued.

Today we are fortunate to behold the ugliest, coolest doll-puppet-thingie you can own, and it’s brand spankin’ new from Diabolo Puppets.

Photo of two full body puppets known as Olive and Leo.

Say hello to Olive (on the left above), a 23 inch (58.5 cm) full body hand puppet. Her hip counterpart, Leo, is on the right.

Diabolo puppets "have soft, malleable faces and mouths. Move your hand
and fingers to create facial expressions. Make your puppet scrunch up
its mouth, swallow its lower lip or upper lip, laugh, eat, cry, squeak
and be just plain goofy as you play." All this for ages 3-and-up.

Olive has a broad overbite smile, jumbo eyelashes, beady eyes, curly red hair, a clothing ensemble that is a cacophony of color, a small torso supported by long legs and big feet, and an all-around in-your-face presence. Plus, there is a hand squeaker in her mouth.

Olive is happy, but grotesque. Leo is nerdy, but hip, even flashing a peace sign. Am I wrong? They share the same teeth, but I think it’s Olive’s horse-like snout that sends her over the edge. She is the ugliest, coolest puppet you could own.

Unfortunately, Diabolo’s other latest offerings are merely zany, rather than all-out bizarre.

Photo of two full body puppets known as Gorg and Hale Bop.

Gorg, on the left, is "a funky, zany, spiky hand puppet with a truly outgoing personality." Hale Bop, on the right, is inspired by the comet Hale-Bopp. See the resemblance? "Children
love his silly nose and exaggerated pointy head. His spaghetti-thin
arms and legs and tubby body will make you laugh."

Rest assured, playing with Hale Bop will not lead your child to join a doomed comet-worshipping cult. If the puppet was wearing black and white Nike tennis shoes, that would be cause for alarm. As I said, zany, not insane.


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  1. Luke Fulton says:

    Hi, i have been trying to contact Diabolo for the last week and a half with no success. Email and phone. Are they still operating. I live in Australia.

    October 31st, 2008 at 10:13 pm

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