Winners Announced: Name your Child’s Super Power Contest

Photos front and back of the three Little Capers shirts and capes that the three winners selected for their kids.

The Name your Child’s Super Power Contest was tough to judge. Two trusted brains, and I, independently chose our favorite twelve super powers/hero names out of 91 submissions, then we compared notes. In our combined list of 36 submissions, there was only one overlap between us. After much gnashing of teeth and discussion, we whittled the list to a final twelve and submitted them to Little Capers to pick the three winners.

The winners of Little Capers costumes (in no particular order):

  • Jeannie from Ashburn, VA (Pink Star Hero)
  • Tracey from Springfield, MA (Blue Earth Hero)
  • Kevin from Glendale, AZ (Red Star Hero)

Their entries:

Charmstrong possesses the ability to effortlessly force opponents to bend to her whims, voluntarily wrapping themselves around her dainty little finger, using naught but her charming smile and disarming giggle. – Jeannie

The Clencher – What better way to stop a thief but to grab onto their leg and not let go. This has been proven by history to be a very effective way to stop  parents. – Kevin

Captain Action has the keen ability to be constantly in motion, forever alert and awake and certainly never tired or in need of a rest.  Captain Action is a literal blur of color and sound as he races past at super human speed.  Always moving, always active, never slowing, that is Captain Action’s superpower! – Tracey

The runners-up who begrudgingly have to buy their own super hero costumes:

The Hypnotist – Simply by catching their eyes, he can thaw anyone’s heart with his beatific smile and flirtatious ways. Criminals have no chance against this power that makes even confirmed baby haters smile and coo. – Kelly

"Little Triple F" – being of course the Fantastic Food Flinger – A mild mannered young girl was sitting in her high chair one day when radioactive oatmeal somehow found it’s way onto her place setting. Forever changed, she now has the ability to throw ANY food stuff with *outstanding* speed and aim. Watch your eyes, ears, mouth and dress pants bad guys. She in hungry and ready for action. – Hawkfeather

Gummy Girl – Able to crush any object – be it Cheerio, daddy’s finger or mommy’s bits – with a single, toothless chomp! Also able to melt hearts with a single, gummy grin. – ikate

The Power of the Dramatic Pause – Anytime we’re playing pillow fight my 2 year old gets hit, falls dramatically onto the bed and then lays there for a good 10 seconds. Completely still until he feels the proper level of drama has been reached. It’s hilarious. – Julie Frais

Block Buster – He has the ability to bust up any type of block tower in his path. Not just knocking the blocks down, but hurling them into space. Pow! – Shelly

Captain Catapult – Once bitten by a unique breed of alien monkey, Captain Catapult inherited the ability to climb to the top of anyone or anything in a split second and hurl herself off without breaking any teeth or bones. –Roxanne

The Inquisitor – a 4-year old able to reduce his foes to a quivering mass before the onslaught of his interminable questions. – Earl

Half-Pint Houdini – This flexible super hero has the uncanny ability to contort himself and escape from strollers and highchairs. No straps can bind him. No crib can hold him. – Linda

The Communicator! With her superhuman verbal skills, the Communicator enriches friends with fascinating tidbits and fantastical ideas, artfully dodging the obstacles of bedtime, naptime, the telephone and computer. This superhero can wear down her enemies with a torrent of words and confuses them with incessant questions, leaving the listener brain dead and zombie-like. It is no use to cover the ears or run away, because The Communicator can achieve a volume of amazing  proportions. She will be heard, just give in! – Jennifer

If your submission didn’t rank in the top 12, tell yourself you were surely in the top 36 and that the judge who originally picked your entry just didn’t lobby for it effectively with his two nitwit comrades. Thanks for playing!


2 Responses to “Winners Announced: Name your Child’s Super Power Contest”

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks again.

    August 28th, 2007 at 6:37 am

  2. Chief Family Officer says:

    Those are great!

    August 28th, 2007 at 9:10 pm

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