Blogroll Update #5

An alphabet card for the letter D featuring a blue dog standing on top of the letter. Designed by Secret Agent Josephine.

It’s time to share more shining stars in the burgeoning night sky we call the parenting blogosphere.

YoKiddo! is a product picture blog churning up daily photos (click through for links) to kid and baby gear.

Nested is a "product, craft and lifestyle blog for parents and people who care about cute things."

Strollerderby is a group blog for urban parents. Sometimes urban means hipster, but in this case it just means irreverent.

Free Stuff 4 Kids pulls up, you guessed it, free stuff, most often printables such as coloring pages.

Secret Agent Josephine is a graphic designer with a traditional baby blog. Every now and then she makes her designs available for download. In the last few days she has begun posting beautiful alphabet cards you can print. She also has play date cards you can customize in Photoshop or with a regular pen.

Ooh, bonus, she visited Ferndale, Calif., a town near us and took a few photos. Our preschool is taking a field trip to our county fair there today. Maybe on Monday I can share a photo of my daughter smiling or screaming on a toddler roller coaster.


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