More Baby Randomness from around the Web

3-D Pregnancy gives you a 2- or 3-D depiction of your baby from embryo to birth, week-by-week.

Googa Baby has the goods on the The Tati Superbed Convertible Crib. It goes from crib to four-piece furniture set. Why can’t more furniture be like this, but without the $2,100 price tag?

Environment California tested several plastic baby bottles, all failed for leaching Bisphenol-A. Z Recommends did an analysis simply by asking the companies. It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, but the Z Recs version seems to be on par with the tested analysis. (Side note: canned food is also a source of Bisphenol-A.) Personally, we used Evenflo’s glass bottles, and plan to again with the next baby.

The toddler in the following video has learned that he gets attention if he falls down.

The baby in the following video does head nods falling asleep next to his oblivious brother. Mostly, I just liked the end.

If a family of six is going to spread mayonnaise on their hair, they might as well film it.


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