Thirteen Baby News Links

Hey, it’s my nation’s birthday today. Time to eat birthday cake with exploding candles. Check out these recent news links in lieu of my uncorking my brain stoma and leaking cerebrospinal fluid all over my keyboard. (Being married to a nurse really activates my neuronal junctions sometimes.)

  1. 66-year-old man finds his baby scrapbook on eBay.
  2. A family lived a year without ‘Made in China’ and wrote a book about it.
  3. Where have all the dads gone? 22 percent of white, 31 percent of Hispanic and 56 percent of black American children grow up without a dad in the home.
  4. GapKids sells bikinis for 1-year-olds (and they’re not the only store chain).
  5. Virginia’s campaign against child abuse encourages calling police if a dad holds his daughter’s hand, says a blogger.
  6. Father jailed for waving at his daughter: fighting for 10 years through 133 court appearances before 33 judges to be reunited.
  7. Toy recall trails keep leading to China.
  8. Study finds circumcision removes the most sensitive part of you know what (or maybe you don’t).
  9. U.S. circumcision rate drops to 57 percent among hospital births, lower than 50 percent in some states.
  10. Fatherhood manifests real changes to the body and brain.
  11. How children lost the right to roam in four generations.
  12. Five parental myths that no parent will tell you about.
  13. Five million dollar super-computer now a toddler bench

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