Third Birthday: A Secondary Use for a Cardboard Fort

Photo of Little Miss playing pizza parlor in her cardboard fort.

Little Miss decided to play pizza parlor this morning. Having a cardboard fort in the same room as your home office is a distraction, but what a lovely distraction it is. She insisted she was going to cook pizza for Mom and Dad at her "pizza store." Here are some notes about the photo.

  1. We are retrofitting our largely tape-secured fort with Mr. McGroovy’s box rivets. The box my daughter is using as a tabletop was jumped on several times, damaging its ability to remain upright. It is stronger now, riveted to adjoining boxes.
  2. The small window in our fridge box is the same one toddlers crammed a couple oversized stuffed animals through before the kids themselves went through the window at our third birthday party. Nevermind that they could have entered the box through a huge entryway just 18 inches to the right.
  3. On Saturday we picked up a full-size authentic chef’s hat at a garage sale. It is machine washable and adheres with Velcro, making it a fun playtime hat, plus some goofy fun for our real kitchen. The red kid’s apron is also from a garage sale.
  4. The Melissa and Doug Pizza Party playset is a birthday gift, as were the stainless steel plates, cups and napkins (a picnic playset) from Target.

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