Find Store Coupons with Retail Me Not

Retail Me Not can save you a lot of money. Do not buy anything online, especially baby products, without looking for a coupon first.

Examples from today:

Huh? What? Many retailers issue discount codes for specific products, percentage discounts on any purchase or free shipping. The coupons are often shared via e-mail newsletters to loyal customers or physically included in the box along with an already purchased item. The codes are usually not specific to an individual, meaning that once shared online, thousands of people can use them.

Retail Me Not is a web site for sharing and finding coupon codes. Type a web site’s domain name in the search box and you’ll be shown coupons for that retailer that users have submitted.

Coupon success rates are displayed, as reported by other users, and users can also leave comments about the coupons. A less than 100 percent success rate doesn’t mean the coupon has gone bad, though when it dips below 70 percent there’s a good chance the coupon has expired.

You don’t know until you try. Be sure a retailer has accepted your coupon code and reflected the discount on your purchase price before you provide your credit card number and complete the sale.

Coupons are also sorted by category such as Baby and Toys. However, the categories are a bit disorganized and difficult to
browse because the coupons are placed in big type and the store name
and coupon offer are in small type. Also, as the categories grow more
specific, such as baby clothing,
they become less accurate. At the moment, there are two listings for
baby clothing, while more stores selling baby clothing are listed in
the broader “baby” category.

Retail Me Not is the brainchild of the folks who brought us Bug Me Not, a popular web service for sharing usernames and passwords for free web sites (often news sites) that annoyingly want you to register an account before viewing their free content.

Users of the amazingly-safer-and-better-than-Internet-Explorer web browser called Firefox (works on Windows, Mac and Linux) will enjoy the Retail Me Not plug-in. Once installed, a small status alert shows up when you visit a retailer who has coupons in the database. One current flaw is that the alert appears only once. If you don’t notice it or click it, you have to restart your browser and revisit the retailer to see the alert again.

A Macintosh OS X dashboard widget is also available.

Internet Explorer users can use a “quick access bookmarklet” found in the left column of Retail Me Not’s web site. Right-click the link and save it as a bookmark. You might receive a warning when doing so because the bookmark is actually Javascript, not a web address. Once at a retailer’s web site, click the bookmarklet to look up details for that specific retailer.

One sad note: Retail Me Not is so popular right now it is having issues with the number of users allowed to access the web site at the same time, a limit imposed by its hosting provider. If you can’t reach the web site, try again a few minutes later.


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