Rules for the Caption Contest

Submit your caption using the comment box on the current contest page. Include your first name and valid e-mail address. E-mail addresses will not be published.

I will pick ten top captions based on my own opinion. The contest sponsor (prize provider) will select from my choices a predetermined number of "best captions" to receive a prize. The predetermined number is listed on the contest page. In Contests #1 and #2 there was one winner each. In Contest #3 (April-May 2008) three winners will be selected.

You may submit as many captions as you like, but if you’re posting multiple captions at the same time, consolidate them into one post.

I reserve the right to disqualify and delete submitted captions if I consider them inappropriate or if I’m in a particularly foul mood.

Copycat captions are frowned upon, but it is possible multiple people will submit similar captions conveying the same ideas and/or using similar words. I will decide whether a seemingly copycat caption has substantial worth despite its circumstances. If anyone feels cheated, sorry, but you are subject to the whims of my brain.

The submission period for captions will vary from contest to contest. A submission deadline will be posted on each contest page.

After a contest’s conclusion, a winner will be contacted by e-mail asking for his or her physical shipping address. The winner must respond to the e-mail within 48 hours or a new winner may be selected. If your spam filter snags the e-mail or you don’t receive it in time for any reason, sorry, but it’s not my fault the universe hates you. The winner will be announced on Thingamababy within two weeks of the contest’s conclusion, or whenever I get around to it. Fun, huh?

These rules may be updated in the future irrespective of the original
published date attached to this article. It’s a blog. What do you

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