Link Rodeo, Volume 8, Reddit Edition

Link Rodeo is an experiment in sharing some of the content I come across in my daily travels… stuff that doesn’t merit a full write-up. All of these links were seen on the link-sharing link-voting site Reddit.

  1. A photo of the Segway changing parenting forever (well, not really)
  2. A toddler destroyed a great artwork, then monks recreated it to destroy it themselves (monks are kids at heart)
  3. Your 4-month-old baby knows when you’re speaking in tongues (maybe even if he’s deaf)
  4. Test-flunking students barred from a high school graduation have a demand (let ARE kids walk!)
  5. The Washington Post says pop culture is sexing up young girls (Little Bratz dolls aren’t even mentioned)
  6. Winnie the Pooh defected to Soviet Russia in the 1990s (say privet to Vinni Puh)
  7. Wil Wheaton laments the substitution of technology for parenting (click his link to a full article on a NSFW site)
  8. What the hell is Montessori? (an informative article despite its dumb headline)
  9. Here is a very insulting, yet secretly funny poster concept (vagina is not a clown car)
  10. Sixteen stunning photos by Jan Von Hollenben of kids… (lying on the ground!)

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