Wurlybird Junior: Amusement Park Ride for your Home

Wurlybird Junior is an amusement park ride for your living room. It’s a Sit ‘N Spin on steroids. Suspended off the ground by a metal frame, two seated toddlers pull handles located at the center of the device to propel themselves forward in a circular motion. Stop pulling and the ride slows down.

Photo of the Wurlybird Junior.

‘Round and ’round she goes, where she pukes nobody knows.

The Wurlybird comes in two versions, the Junior for ages 3 to 8 and the Flyer for ages up to 10. The Junior sports high-sided seats and shoulder harnesses. Both models appear to have snap-down safety bars.

Although designed for two kids to counter-balance one another, a “buddy bag” is available to fill the second seat if your child is an unpopular pariah. Oh, but how could your kid be unpopular with the only amusement ride in the neighborhood?

Priced at $195 and potentially shipping from the United Kingdom, you’re thinking you’ll settle for a $25 plastic Sit ‘N Spin. True. Very true. But if you want one that is not branded with Dora the Explorer, Diego, Simon or Elmo and not filled with obnoxious electronic lights and sounds… your only option appears to be an older model on eBay.

A lesser-known option is the Little Tikes Whirly Rocket, another discontinued eBay favorite. It’s essentially a two-seater Sit ‘N Spin with two kids hurtling themselves in circles without leaving the ground. But a search of recently completed auctions shows some good condition Whirly Rockets (e.g., ones that were used indoors) going for more than $100. Barf bags sold separately.

The Wurlybird commercial:

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