Potty Watch for Timed Toilet Training

Potty Watch is a countdown timer to remind your toddler it’s time to tinkle. Strap it to the wrist, set it for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and then wait for the alarm to sound.

Photo of a girl wearing a Potty Watch and a digital graphic representation of the watch's face.

An integral part of potty training is to get kids taking trips to the bathroom at regular intervals, regardless of whether they really need to go.

The watch alarm consists of flashing lights and an 8-bit electronic beeping rendition of London Bridge is Falling Down. It’s an interesting tune to do the pee pee dance to, if you ask me. And no, the watch company is not based in England. Potty Time, Inc. is straight out of Utah.

After the alarm sounds, the timer resets itself and counts down again.

The watch’s face is designed to resemble a top-down view of a toilet seat. I say “watch,” but remember that this is not a timepiece.

According to retailer Potty Training Solutions, the wristband length is 7.5 inches and fastens down to 4.75 inches. The circumference of my almost-3-year-old daughter’s wrist falls short at a little less than 4 inches, but parents can also wear the device.

This strikes me as a solution for kids having serious trouble with their training. With my daughter, we didn’t time her. We just knew from experience what time of day, give or take 30 minutes, that she would need a reminder. In that sense, a digital watch with 4 or 5 time-based alarms would have helped.

There could be secondary uses for the Potty Watch. When my daughter is too restless to sleep at night, she is permitted to “read” picture books in bed, and could use a reminder for a cut-off time when she has to stop and try to sleep. Also, a toddler weaning from naps could be told to not get up until the watch beeps.

All in all, the Potty Watch’s price is right. For $10 it may be worth a go.

Available at: Potty Training Solutions and Pediatric Planet.

Coming up next week: a book review about an unusual approach to potty training.


One Response to “Potty Watch for Timed Toilet Training”

  1. Just Thinking says:

    Too bad the watch doesn’t make a flushing sound, or the sound of running water. I bet a blood curdling scream every 30 minutes would help induce peeing.

    April 25th, 2007 at 11:32 am