Three Unusual Baby and Toddler Products, Volume 4

Photo of the Boost foam yellow pages booster seat.

1. Yellow Pages Booster Seat by Fred and Friends. It’s a foam contoured block made to look like a thick phone book, intended for ages 3 and up to sit upon. Interesting. If you live in a metropolitan area and have a thick phone book, why not just slap some adhesive Velcro on the bottom and use it on a chair? If the pages shift a little, just wrap it a couple times with duct tape. Too ugly? Then buy a real booster seat. Incidentally, my Fisher-Price booster seat is still going strong after three years. [link via Swissmiss]

Photo of the My First Zamboni remote control vehicle.

2. My First Zamboni by Kid Galaxy. It’s a remote controlled Zamboni that only drives forward and left. This vehicle is so easy to steer, "even two-year-olds can do it." As for why I would label this toy ice resurfacing machine "unusual," well, I don’t watch hockey, I live in California and the word "Zamboni" makes me giggle. [Sold at Amazon.]

Photo of the Solar System Travel Bag.

3. Solar System Travel Bag by Alma’s Designs. This cloth carrying case opens to reveal eight stuffed planets and one stuffed dwarf planet (sorry Pluto) held in their respective orbits with Velcro. They are also tethered to the case to ensure nothing spirals into deep space. This product is intended for ages 3 and up, but I’m left to wonder how many kids play with a solar system in which you can really only pull the planets off and put them back into their fixed positions. Moreover, what kid needs a solar system in a handy travel bag?

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  1. ikesacolick says:

    My toddler loved the Zamboni – for about 30 minutes. I think I liked playing with it more than he did! But then again, he’s now a hockey fan at age three. So maybe not such a bad investment after all.

    April 9th, 2007 at 8:33 pm

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