Baby Food Jar Organizer Roundup

One of the unexpected impacts of a new baby is the need to rearrange your kitchen storage. The single largest issue for us was where to put the baby food jars. I was a fanatic on the issue, only buying organic—two different brands—encompassing a minimum of 12 types of food. And for the house to be properly stocked, I wanted 4 jars of each type. After a shopping trip we would have at least 48 baby food jars to store. And don’t get me started with what happened when we met a mom who could buy us cases of baby food at wholesale prices.

Photo of the Adjustable Cabinet Organizer by Capco.

Adjustable Cabinet Organizer by Capco is one of many generic cabinet shelves for storing baby food jars and canned goods.

The jars took up two cabinet shelves. The whole mess was made tidy with the use of adjustable cabinet organizers. These are plastic three-tier shelves traditionally used to place three rows of food cans at three heights so that cans on each row are visible. I picked up two store-brand organizers for $10 each at a Target store (similar to the one pictured), and many stores sell similarly generic versions. Ours is 15" L by 9.5" W, and can be expanded as long as 27". When my daughter outgrew jarred food, we began using the shelves for our canned food and spices.

Other solutions I wish I’d known about:

Universal Food Organizer by Prince Lionheart

Universal Food Organizer by Prince Lionheart. Also see it when stacked with an optional third tier purchased separately.

Prince Lionheart Universal Food Organizer
has a two-tier lazy Susan design with the height of the second
shelf being adjustable. Spiral grooves on the central pillar appear to raise the second shelf like you might twist a jar lid upward. The organizer is stackable. See this photo of a stacked optional third tier purchased separately (one would assume you buy two organizers, and could stack 4 tiers if placed on a countertop). The adjustable height also means the organizer may find a use
in your home after your child has outgrown jarred food. Capacity for
the lazy Susan is not specified, but a rough eyeball guess from various
product photos indicates a capacity of about 24 jars.

Photo of the under-cabinet jar organizer by KidKusion.

Under-cabinet jar organizer by KidKusion. Sorry, I could only locate a thumbnail view.

KidKusion Baby Bottle/Jar Organizer is stand-out different from other organizers. It is a rack that mounts to the underside of cabinets, with six jars or six 6-8 ounce milk bottles hanging from the rack. It’s sold in a two-pack. I’m just not clear on how the jars attach to the rack. The product page states, "mounts with heavy duty foam tape." Uhhh, the rack or the jars? I have an e-mail pending to the manufacturer. I only located one retailer selling the organizer, though you can apparently order direct from the KidKusion. Its phone number is found by going through the front page.

Munchkin Baby Food Organizer

Munchkin’s Baby Food Organizer

Munchkin Baby Food Organizer is a three-tier lazy Susan that holds 24 jars in contoured lips. The top of the unit has a spoon holder.

Gerber Baby's Feeding Center

Gerber Baby’s Feeding Center. It fits Gerber’s wider food containers, but in that case, why not just buy a generic lazy Susan?

Gerber Baby’s Feeding Center
is a three-tier lazy Susan that holds jars, plus bottles and formula on
the top tier. Breastfeeders need not buy, I guess. Product photos
appear to indicate the bottom two tiers are open, without specific
slots for jars—which means a 36 jar capacity is possible because some
jars are placed in the less-visible less-accessible middle portion of
the racks. Sold at Amazon.

Sassy Baby Food Pantry Organizer

Sassy Baby Food Pantry Organizer. White on white is great for seeing detail, right?

Sassy Baby Food Pantry Organizer is a three-tier lazy Susan that holds 24 jars (4 ounce) or 16 junior (larger) jars, with trays that are adjustable to different size jars; I presume that means adjustable height-wise. Sold at Amazon.


Skip Hop’s The Chow, available in three colors.

Skip Hop’s The Chow is the oddball of the lot. Designed for style, it is a two or three-tier holder for only 12 jars. It’s pretty though, available in red, white or blue (aka "poppy," "white" and "marine"). Sorry hip mamas and papas, this smacks me as form over function.


7 Responses to “Baby Food Jar Organizer Roundup”

  1. airwick says:

    I too was insistant on the 4 jars of each stocking standard … but I opted not to go with any organizer – as any of these (other than the under-cabinet model) wastes space that could be used to hold more jars. Instead, I just stacked the jars in one of the cabinets. In the beginning the number 1 jars I could fit 4 in one stack … but 2 or 3 jars could only fit 3 high.

    I was able to keep them in organized by vegatable color – it was a nice little rainbow from one side of the cabinet to the other. If you are putting the food in a cabinet (as opposed to on the counter top), I just don’t see how any of the organizers will help save space …

    I am intrigued by the under cabinet model … I’m presuming its magnetic? However – even if it comes in a 2-pack, that’s only 16 jars or so … hardly a full inventory.

    March 21st, 2007 at 6:03 pm

  2. Erin says:

    Ive looked at these a few times, because our baby food area is always a mess, but what boggles me is most of the baby food is sold in tubs now! at least stages 1 and 2, so they wont fit in any of these organizers. we do what you do, we use the regular 3 tiered shelves. They work great, and I’ll be able to use them in my pantry eventually.

    March 22nd, 2007 at 7:35 am

  3. Rachel says:

    I always loved having the Gerber caddy. I could clearly see how many sterile bottles I had handy, along with what color veggies I had available and needed to stock up on. It’s a whole lot easier than assigning a baby food shelf, which I have also tried. Trust me, it’s helpful…

    May 10th, 2007 at 7:13 am

  4. Baby says:

    I loved your site and I thank you for it. As a mother of 3 with another one on the way, I am not stranger to the clutter that can come from a new baby in the family. I have tried to make the best of what I had with my last three, but it has not been very good. And then I came across your site and the items that you reviewed on it. The information you gave was very informative in nature and I found that I can have some hope of a ordered life this time around. We use ot have baby food in its own cabinet, but they never stayed put. We could get some down and then not use it and forget to put it back up. But now maybe we can use some organized means to make life easier. I think I will try the under-cabinet organizer for sure. I love that it helps and is also out of the way at the same time. Again, thanks.

    July 5th, 2007 at 4:22 pm

  5. 3FC says:

    I think the under cabinet one has little rails that the lid sits on, like the wine glass holders in bars.

    March 19th, 2008 at 7:11 pm

  6. michele says:

    great info but I am also looking for an organizer, like others, which can hold the plastic containers and a few jars as opposed to most of the ones out that if they are not specific for jars there is only a couple slots for the plastic boxes. The 3 tier caddy is nice but will not fit in your kitchen cabinet. I am not a big fan of leaving all of that out on the kitchen counter so many of them will not fit.
    Any suggestions -

    May 3rd, 2008 at 10:56 am

  7. Deanna says:

    i beg to differ. Erin is saying that none of these hold the plastic gerber tubs and this is completley untrue! The sassy baby food orginizer is perfect! it holds 24 jars, swivels, it DOES hold the plastic gerber tubs on every shelf, AND it can hold 3rd food jars on the top and bottom shelf. and it doesnt take up much space..about the size of a standard dinner plate. i too was using the shelves in my home..but it just took up so much space! so having the sassy orginizer has saved my life!!!

    March 22nd, 2009 at 8:33 pm

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