Worst Product Name Ever: Baby Shaker

Are you pregnant and shy? When the baby kicks inside you, do you remain quiet out of fear someone might notice? Do you secretly long to share your experience, but don’t want your family’s grubby hands on your belly?

Marketing photo of the Baby Shaker and a photo of a pregnant mother using the Baby Shaker.

Every time a bell rings, a baby has been shaken shaken its mother.

You are in luck! The Baby Shaker is the thing for you. Just kick back and plant the Shaker on your tummy and you’ll be in for hours of family fun.

The Shaker resembles a T-shaped balancing scale, but this handy little device monitors vibrations coming from your tummy. Two bells dangle from each end of a banana-shaped bar that is balanced on the device.

It has a concave bowl-like base for planting on your belly. When your baby kicks with sufficient strength, the bells ring. Everyone in your general vicinity knows Junior is awake and kicking, and no one will need to grope you. Of course, if you really are shy, maybe a womb alarm isn’t for you.

The acting in the product video is not to be missed. That baby must be named Oscar.

But in all seriousness, the dad who invented this device touts it as being perfect for a baby shower. I agree. It’s unusual. It’s goofy. It’s sure to get a laugh. It ranks right up there with the likes of the Woman in Labor lit car sign. The Shaker also comes with adhesive labels to customize it with a baby’s name, or for twins.

Now, I can’t go without saying something about the product name. Do you think more than a few people will mistakenly end up at the Baby Shaker web site when they are actually looking for information about Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Surely we can help out with suggestions for a better product name. Umm…

Any others?

[A big thanks goes to Thinga-reader Carrie for the product tip.]


One Response to “Worst Product Name Ever: Baby Shaker”

  1. Natalie says:

    how about For Womb the Bell Tolls?

    February 26th, 2007 at 9:30 am

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