Turn a Cardboard Box into a Flintstones-Style Vehicle

I just realized I’ve been recycling toddler play vehicles. I’ve been wasting a wealth of corrugated fun. Box Train Express brought me to this revelation. Box Train is "a designer, manufacturer and distributor of child-size corrugated box vehicles." Specifically, trains.

Marketing photo of a box walking inside his box train. Below it are thumbnail front, back and side views of the box.
Intended for 18-months-and-up, we’re talking about a bottomless and flapless box drawn and colored to look like a train. The bottom of the box has rounded edges made to look like train wheels. Incidentally, without flaps or a bottom, these trains fold flat when stored.

As indicated in the company’s photo gallery, the product was born from a child’s 4th birthday party that featured homemade train boxes.

Like Fred Flintstone hopping into his Flintmobile, your child hops into the box, picks it up and starts chugging with feet power.

In the smallest configuration—many sales packages are geared toward parties—you are buying a set of four colorized cardboard boxes that look like trains: a steam engine, two box cars and a caboose. Each train box has a friendly face on its front, I’m sure just coincidentally similar to the popular Thomas the Tank Engine. You can also buy white boxes with the trains outlined—your kid colorizes them as he sees fit.

At almost $30 for a single set of four train boxes, parties aside, I’ll go ahead and ask the obvious. Why not make box vehicles yourself at home? One web page talking about a Flintstones-themed party even suggests you make box vehicles.

Anyhow, consider watching for a suitable box to come your way via your normal purchases, then let your child decorate it as anything he wants…. a car, train, boat, helicopter or even a transmogrifier.

Flickr photos of kids in cardboard cars:

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