Three Steps for Washing Away Tears at a Toddler’s Bathtime

Note: This was originally going to be a review of shower visors. If you are a fan of traditional baths, skip Step 1.

We all dread it. When it’s time to rinse shampoo from your child’s hair, screams ensue. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Step 1: Take showers

Photo of my daughter smiling with a Baby King shower visor keeping her face dry.At 14 months, our daughter began taking showers. We lined the tub with non-slip decals, trusted her excellent sense of balance and kept watchful hands in case she fell. You might also consider an inflatable Tub-Time Bumper to shield the tub walls.

Our Little Miss had great fun moving into and out of the shower spray. This change significantly reduced crying because she could rinse her body by herself except for her head.

Step 2: Don’t wash the face

We halved her remaining tears by not washing her face during bathtime. Instead, we wipe her face with a warm wet wash cloth in the morning and evening after brushing her teeth.

Step 3: Buy a shower visor

At the 2-year mark my wife bought a “Shampoo Shield” shower visor by Baby King. I was dubious because she picked it up at a dollar-type store. Two things I never buy at a dollar store are food and baby items. The baby stuff is usually junk and the food, well, check the expiration dates.

The Shampoo Shield is a simple foam visor with elastic band. And dammit, my wife was right. She told our daughter, “Here’s your new shower hat. It will keep the water out of your face.”

Our Little Miss responded, “OK!” and put on the visor. The seal on her forehead was perfect, keeping water away from her face. Bathtime is now tear-free.

We don’t rely on tub toys, though we have some nesting ducks and a plastic cup. Sometimes we fill the tub a little for the ducks, but mostly my daughter enjoys filling the cup and pouring water on herself… and playing in the shower spray.

Incidentally, we bring the showerhead down to her level (and our level given that we’re kneeling next to the tub) by using a SHUC Showerhead Holder.

Shower visors:

  • Shampoo Shield by Baby King — I didn’t find an online retailer, however you can occasionally find them on eBay with a search for “shampoo shield.”
  • Shampoo Eye Shield by Beautiful Beginnings — I saw this one only on eBay.
  • Shampoo Eye Shield by Clippasafe — This is a United Kingdom manufacturer/retailer. Again, look on eBay.
  • Bath and Sun Visor by Sassy sold at Great Baby Products in lobster and duck motifs.
  • Shampoo Goggles by Basic Comfort sold at Kids Surplus. It could be harder to convince a toddler to put on, or keep on, eye wear if he or she is unfamiliar with using sunglasses or gets freaked out by water drops in front of his or her eyes.
  • Sudsy Sun Shield by Kel-Gar sold at Amazon. This one is duck shaped.


One Response to “Three Steps for Washing Away Tears at a Toddler’s Bathtime”

  1. lisa says:

    Thank you for the info.
    My son had a shampoo visor that I also purchased at the $1 store.
    They haven’t had them since and I needed a new one.
    Thank you for listing the correct name (Shield King)shampoo shield and ebay to get one.
    The “dollar store” elastic back visor is truly the best.

    May 8th, 2007 at 4:03 pm

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