Have You Been a Dad Today?

I heard an interesting public service announcement [mp3] yesterday on the radio. It featured kids complaining about parents being involved in their lives. The parents were being responsible or expecting their kids to be responsible. What actually intrigued me was that the PSA promoted fatherhood.org.

The web site turns out to be for the National Fatherhood Initiative, a "fatherhood renewal organization" working to "engage fathers in the lives of their children." I’m not sure what that means; they seem to be all over the map in their outreach efforts.

However, NFI partnered with the Ad Council to produce a variety of interesting PSAs. Two examples are displayed below. They’re amusing, but also true. They demonstrate how parents should act. We should be excited about parenting.

Dad demonstrating his light saber skills:

Dad dancing in his living room:

The Fatherhood Initiative also sells T-shirts with this question on the front: "Have You Been a Dad Today?"

The backside reads:

Dad is a verb, like catch and hug and listen.
It is not just something you are.
It is something you do, like laugh and read and play.
Are you doing anything more important?
Have you been a dad today?

Sure, few dads would wear such a self-congratulatory shirt, but it’s still a neat message.

Other dad PSA videos:

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