Pre-Menstrual Syndrome: Not Just for Women Anymore

This post isn’t technically a parent-related observation. For the sake of appearances, mothers should feel free to discuss the joy they felt when their menstrual cycle returned after childbirth.

My wife noticed an unusual advisory on the back of a Midol box, medicine intended to combat cramps and bloating due to pre-menstrual syndrome. It seems users of this pain reliever are supposed to ask a doctor before use if they have "difficulty in urination due to enlargement of the prostate gland."


This is my chief complaint about natural selection. Menstrual pain would not be at the top of any dad’s list of desirable evolutionary adaptations for men. I know, I know, moms may feel otherwise.

Update: Oh no! My wife has a completely different interpretation of the Midol warning. It seems women may be developing prostate glands.

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