Book Review: Guess How Much I Love You

Guess How Much I Love You, written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram, is a children’s classic. Our first copy found its way into our home several years before our daughter joined us. We now own three copies.

Photo of my daughter doing a handstand against a wall with her back toward the camera. A mass of hair hangs from from her head. The texture of the wall has been digitally replaced with an enlarged image of the cover of the book Guess How Much I Love You. The image caption reads: My daughter loves me this much.
It’s a bedtime story about a baby rabbit explaining how much he loves his dad. The bunny thinks up examples to demonstrate his love based on his size—for example, how far he can jump or how high he can stretch his paws. In each instance, his dad counters with an example expressing twice as much love for his son because dad is so much bigger.

On one page, the story states:

Then Little Nutbrown Hare had a good idea. He tumbled upside down and reached up the tree trunk with his feet. “I love you all the way up to my toes,” he said.

[The illustration shows the bunny standing on his paws with his feet high in the air, resting against the leaning trunk of a tree.]

After reading the story (again) to my 31-month-old daughter last night, she decided to demonstrate how much she loves me by performing a move she learned in gymnastics class. She did a handstand against her bedroom wall and, with her hair dangling down everywhere, said, “I love you this much!”

She had the patience to tell me a second time after I grabbed my camera. And yes, she does resemble Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. And no, we’re not fanatical enough for Guess How Much I Love You wallpaper. That’s just a bit of photo editing.

Mom and Dad proceeded to demonstrate how much they love their daughter by doing handstands too, but I won’t show you those photos.

Check out this free activity kit (PDF) on the book publisher’s web site. It includes branded party invitations, stationary, four coloring sheets, “love coupons,” and bookmarks.

Also: If you buy Earth’s Best organic baby food, save the labels for a free copy of Guess How Much I Love You.


One Response to “Book Review: Guess How Much I Love You”

  1. Carol says:

    My boys often play the “Guess How Much I Love You” game. Currently, my youngest son loves me “all the way to Utah…and back.” My only response can be “WOW, that sure is far…”

    February 9th, 2007 at 11:05 pm