Teaching Toddlers to Talk with Walkie-Talkie Phones

Finally, there is a toy that teaches toddlers how to use a phone!

I sound snarky, but I’m serious. When my daughter was 18-months-old, I wanted a walkie-talkie phone to teach her how to talk on a real phone. I didn’t know such a thing existed.

Marketing photo of a pink walkie-talkie phone.

We had a long stretch of months where I would call Grandma or our Auntie M on the telephone and then give the handset to our daughter, only to have her smile and not say anything.

Even now at 2.5-years-old, she needs someone to ask her pointed questions to keep a phone conversation alive.

We own a toy phone, but Miss never uses it to have pretend conversations. She just carries it around with her.

So, I thought, with a walkie-talkie phone I could call my daughter, have her answer the phone when it rings, and talk to her at length until she finally understands the concept of phone conversations.

These toy phones are designed to look like regular home phones with a base, handset and twirling cord. On the pink phones, you press any button on one phone’s dialing pad to make the second phone ring, with a range of 500 feet. On the red phones, you press a “call” button.

Imagine how cool it would be if your toddler had a little friend living next door, within 500 feet of your home. They could babble at each other anytime.

Now, I realize no child on this planet needs a walkie-talkie phone. Kids learn phone usage eventually no matter what. But still, I want this toy! If you have a spare $20 or $30 to throw around, it’s worth a look.

Caution: The linked phones are rated for 3- and 4-year-olds, and I expect the cord is a strangulation hazard. If you use this toy with a young child against the manufacturer’s recommendation (like I dreamed about in this article), you would need complete adult supervision. In that case, it means one parent talking on the other phone while a second parent stays with the child to supervise.

P.S. I was unable to determine the manufacturers of the linked products. If anyone owns one, or finds the name online, please let me know.


One Response to “Teaching Toddlers to Talk with Walkie-Talkie Phones”

  1. Viv says:

    Hi, Got these phones for my 4yr old twins for Xmas. They luv’em. One in living rm, one in their rm, for after bedtime chats with mum & dad. Son turned on/off knob too far, needs minor repair. Cannot find replacements- completely impossible to find anywhere on the net. T.T.GrowOn will re-stock late this summer. Great toy, if you find them anywhere, pls email.

    January 12th, 2007 at 9:40 am