Return from an Unexpected Hiatus

I submit my deepest apologies for the absence of new posts to Thingamababy this week. Or rather, I’m sorry I write each article the night before, rather than weeks in advance.

We had a nice little windstorm that knocked out our cable Internet service about 2 p.m. Tuesday due to a severed fiber optic cable somewhere. Landline telephone and cell service was also sporadic, reporting "all circuits are busy."

Our electricity was out for 16 hours, starting around 2 a.m. Wednesday and returning in time for dinner. There is something liberating about emptying your refrigerator and freezer of spoiled food and starting a new year fresh. Yeah, no, OK, it’s not fun when you think about all the better uses for your cash besides replacing food that was fine just a couple days ago. A few basics were preserved in an ice chest.

It’s a downer to cheer when the lights come back on, and then to fire up your computer, only to realize your Internet service is still out.

On the plus side, because we don’t turn on our TV while our daughter is awake, and we own no "educational" videos, the loss of power merely meant our house was cold. It was a fine excuse for snuggling under blankets with a stack of books.

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