Review: Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup

I profiled Klean Kanteen here two months ago. I’ve since purchased two of the bottles and have observations to share. (Hint: my first-hand reviews always have the word "Review" in the post title and the reviews make reference to my owning the product).

Photo of an assembled Klean Kanteen alongside a Kanteen with its sippy adapter and sippy spout lying next to it.

The Klean Kanteen is a 12 oz stainless steel bottle with a sippy adapter. Its claim to fame is being free of Bisphenol-A, a chemical commonly found in plastic children’s products and thought to disrupt hormones.

It’s a simple product, but here are a few things I noticed:

1) The bottle is 6 inches tall, plus a 1-inch spout. My first impression was that it looked too big to be a toddler cup, but it turns out to be about as tall as a 9 ounce Playtex sippy cup. My 28-month-old daughter grips the Kanteen at its narrow neck.

2) The sippy adapter is a black ring that screws onto the Kanteen’s mouth. The sippy spout is just an Avent Easy-Sip Toddler Spout rated for 6-months and up.

3) The cleaning instructions call for hand washing with diluted vinegar or baking soda.

4) The stainless steel bottle is an effective temperature conductor. If I fill the bottle with cold tap water, the bottle is immediately cold to the touch. I normally drop a couple ice cubes into a travel cup on a warm day, but this bottle conducts cold so easily that I feel like I’m holding ice cubes before I hand the bottle off to my daughter. So, we forgo ice cubes.

That said, I really like this bottle. It can grow with my daughter, with its sippy top swapped out for a (purchased separately) sports cap, flat cap or a flat cap with a loop hole for hanging from a belt or backpack. Since I bought the bottles, I’ve noticed two local health food grocery stores selling them for $4 more.

I purchased them through’s store at It’s a lame way to buy because my order confirmation came from Amazon and I heard nothing from Greenfeet until the bottles arrived (though Greenfeet shipped them promptly, unlike "in stock" products that Amazon ships itself a week or more late). Maybe buying direct from Greenfeet affords better communication, or at least saves Greenfeet from paying Amazon a middleman fee.

Update: Read a comparison of Bisephenol-A-free sippy cups at Z Recommends.

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