Freebies with Earth’s Best Baby Food

Gah! When Little Miss transitioned to soft food we fed her Earth’s Best organic baby food almost exclusively. So it pains me to learn only now that the company has a variety of discount offers if you send them labels from the food jars.

Cover of the book Guess How Much I Love You.
The offer that caught my attention on Earth Best’s premium page is for a free copy of the Guess How Much I Love You board book. OK, it’s not a freebie given the $2 shipping charge, but you still save about $8.

Some folks criticize the book because it features a father and baby bunny trying to out-do the other in terms of who loves who the most. I think it’s charming.

Just yesterday we were re-enacting the father-child challenge when my daughter was debating which of us is taller. She raised her hand to her head and said "I’m this tall." So I said, "I’m much taller. I am this tall" (with my hand extended two feet above my head while I stood on the tips of my toes). Is that too competitive? No. It’s just fun. I then put my hand an inch above the floor and said, "You are this tall." She laughed.

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