Review: Potette Travel Potty Seat

"All you need for a potty is a hole and a bag to catch what comes out." That’s my wife’s observation about Potette, a travel potty she saw today. What follows is a semi-review because we don’t actually own the product.

Three thumbnail marketing photos of the Potette travel potty. One folded closed, one opened with legs extended and one with a plastic bag liner attached.

Our daughter’s best friend spent the last four weeks in New York
visiting family (we live on the California coast). The mother brought with her a
foldable, reusable toilet seat topper she could carry in her purse for her daughter. But while shopping in the city she saw Potette and "had to" buy it.

The product travels folded flat, fitting in a backpack or shoulder bag. To use, you fold out its two plastic legs and snap them into place. The potty sits pretty low to the ground—as toddler potties go anyhow—but seems sturdy and well-made.

Next, you hook a specially designed plastic bag around hook grooves on the seat’s base. That’s it, the throne is prepared. When finished, unhook and tie the bag off for disposal. A scented pad inside the bag absorbs much of the liquid so that it’s not sloshing around.

The potty retails for just $10, but they reel you in by charging 40 to 50 cents per bag after you use the three bags that come with the potty. However, this mother was able to get plastic grocery store bags to work. Her mother (the grandmother) thought it quite funny to see a tiny 2-year-old sitting on a tiny potty seat inside the giant trunk of her Cadillac.

My own mother has remarked on numerous occasions about the variety of wonderful baby products sold today that she didn’t have available for her children. I swear, sometimes I think the previous generation put us to bed in dresser drawers, bathed us in boiling water and wiped our butts with pages from the Sears catalog.

Note: Potette has two conflicting official-looking web sites:

Potette is sold at One Step Ahead.

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