Find Frinkle: A Hide-and-Seek Toy

Find Frinkle by Xyllion is a peculiar toy. It’s a smiling prairie dog doll named Frinkle. The toy’s premise is that you hide the doll somewhere in your home for your toddler to seek out and find. To aid the hunt, you use a remote control to make Frinkle say things. Alternately, you can set the doll so that it will talk or laugh every few seconds.

Marketing photo of Frinkle, an upright smiling prairie dog doll
I have mixed feelings about the toy concept.

My two-year-old loves playing hide-and-seek, with half the fun being the hiding experience. Frinkle isn’t a substitute for a human friend.

On the other hand, Frinkle should be effective at honing a child’s observation skills. It’s not just a matter of paying keen attention to sound, but also the doll’s size and developing an understanding of proportion—hidden locations where the doll could possibly fit. Frinkle can surely tuck himself into many more locations than a giggling toddler. Start your kid playing with Frinkle today and come spring he’ll dominate the field at your community’s Easter egg hunt.

You could take this toy idea and hide any object around your home, but there are few objects from which you could trigger a remote-controlled sound, or have be as friendly-looking at this doll.

The bad news is that the manufacturer’s web site lacks purchasing information, or even details such as what material Frinkle is made from or the dimensions of the doll. I’ve sent the company an e-mail and will post any updates. My guess is that Frinkle is still under development.

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