Postcard Exchange Gallery #1

Yay! Thingamababy’s postcard exchange is on the move. After my daughter began playing with a toy mailbox, I asked you if your kid would enjoy exchanging postcards with my kid. (If you’re like to exchange postcards too, e-mail me via the link at upper right.)

The first postcards have arrived. As expected, most everyone lives in the United States. One family comes from eastern Canada and the most distant hails from Montrouge, France. His postcard is below with names and address omitted.
Drawing of four baby chicks holding hobo sacks suspended from sticks. A saying is printed in French which roughly translates to: Morning rain didn't stop the chickens.

The card reads: "Bonjour [name]! Today it is raining so I am going to go jump in some puddles on my way to school. My favorite food is meat. I live with mommy + daddy + my sister [name], in a small brick house. On the weekends my daddy + I dig up dirt in the garden. A bientot."

It’s reassuring that kids everywhere love dirt. Maybe if we adults remained kids at heart our world leaders could just meet at a construction site and make peace.

My Babel Fish indicates the ancient French proverb printed on the postcard reads, "Morning rain didn’t stop the chickens." You see, French chickens carry hobo sacks and hop on morning trains.

Parents are writing what they think their toddler would say if he or she
could write. The magic minimum age of participation seems to be 2, when kids
demonstrate a firm understanding of what Mom and Dad are reading aloud
to them. However, if parents are game, my daughter will happily write
to kids who are younger.

How long this postcard sharing will go is anyone’s guess. I plan to keep it up as long as my daughter receives postcards in return. She loves receiving mail and should love it even more once she can read it. If we still have pen pals a few years from now, these postcards will be a great inspirational tool for teaching reading and writing.

My twisted dream is for the exchange to be such a success that my daughter will toil away writing two postcards a day for her sixty-plus pen pals. She’ll catalog the postcards in a filing cabinet and track correspondence in a spreadsheet so that she can keep her conversations straight and be sure no one receives duplicate cards bearing the same artwork as a previous card. Let’s hone her organizational skills, as well as reading and writing. She can spend all of her weekly allowance buying postcards instead of candy.

I won’t be posting every postcard, just the first ones kids send.


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  1. Liz says:

    Hey AJ,

    Morning rain doesn’t stop the pilgrims

    I guess pilgrims disguise themselves as chickens…


    October 7th, 2006 at 2:49 am

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