Link Rodeo, Volume 7: Highly Offensive or Just Satirical Edition

  1. There is nothing worse than a drunken baby (except maybe registering the domain
  2. Video clip: enjoy sing-a-long songs for children with short attention spans (needs musical accompaniment)
  3. Babies are being given full body tattoos (baby dolls, I mean)
  4. New book: Goodnight Moon Special Edition has blank pages for pretend reading (from Baby Bush toys)
  5. does not endorse the act of eating babies (warning: tranquil embedded audio)
  6. Get rich quick selling your baby (if nine months counts as quick)
  7. Fifteen-month-old Tyler is a total linguistic cripple (so says the Baby Review)
  8. Carrababy is the baby carrier of choice for serious cyclists (caution: do not attempt wheelies)
  9. Game: Feed the nine-mouthed baby (25 times in 60 seconds)
  10. Video: Mom catches toddler stuck in cat door (then makes him clean up his puke)
  11. Quote: “The freedom we have given the people of Iraq is quite similar
    to the freedom that the Baby Cage gives a parent or guardian.” (a message to their international customers)
  12. From Link Rodeo, Volume 1: Restroom diaper changing platforms are really baby smashing stations (spread the truth)


One Response to “Link Rodeo, Volume 7: Highly Offensive or Just Satirical Edition”

  1. BudDaddy says:

    #1 seems fine, so long as they aren’t driving.

    September 2nd, 2006 at 12:59 pm