FlipClips Capture your Animated Baby

FlipClips could just be the best way to share baby photos with people who really don’t want to see them.

Marketing photo of Flip Clips, depicting two hands flipping through a flip book roughly the length and width of a business card.
Upload a video clip to FlipClips.com and they turn it into a small flip book. Your 10, 15 or 30 second video is chopped into a series of printed photos that take on the illusion of being animated when you flip through the pages.

Archival paper and inks are used with a binding that feels “like a quality paperback.” The cost ranges from $9 to $19 for varying book sizes.

I beam with pride when showing off my baby photos, but for a non-parent it is sometimes comparable to being forced by etiquette to sit through a narrated presentation of your coworker’s vacation slides.

The novelty of a paper video clip captures everyone’s interest. Magnify that experience by showing them a glimpse of your child’s energy and personality. You could animate your toddler straining on the potty and it would still seem exciting.

Imagine… coworkers enthusiastically passing your baby book around the office… casual acquaintances being wowed on the street… and your older toddler marveling at his ability to make himself move in forward and reverse.

Grandmothers need flip books the most. They brag about grandchildren to anyone breathing, and they’re not too particular about the breathing. Ask anyone on a respirator or lung machine.

[link via Retro Thing] (nice name, but no relation)

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