Vocal Smoke Alarm: Toddler-Friendly Fire Instruction by SignalONE Safety

It’s 3 a.m. and smoke is filling my home. The fire alarm begins to shriek. My 2-year-old daughter fumbles with her doorknob and runs to Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Let’s hope the fire isn’t in our hallway.

Rewind. Try again.

Marketing photo of the Vocal Smoke Alarm
If my home has the Vocal Smoke Alarm by SignalONE Safety, my child hears me call out her name and instruct her to lie on the floor. It’s the best help I can offer, without her being able to reach a window to escape on her own and my not knowing details of the fire.

The SignalONE alarm lets you pre-record 15 seconds of instruction. When activated, your voice alternates with a regular siren sound, back and forth. Two alarms models are sold, one which is battery-powered and one hardwired with battery back-up.

This product just makes sense. In a fire emergency, children waking from deep sleep are shocked and filled with fear. What could be better than hearing a parent’s voice telling them what to do?

The manufacturer states the alarm can be purchased from Amazon.com (battery-only version), some Home Depot stores, Ace Hardware or Costco. (Hmm, I’ll caution you that Costco is notorious for not carrying the same merchandise in all stores.)

Buying note: This product is also sold online under the name Kidsmart Vocal Fire Alarm.

Here is a retailer list via Froogle. Be sure to verify which model is being sold. See SignalONE’s product page for the model numbers.

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