Link Rodeo, Volume 6

  1. Pregnant pinups parade in paint pageant  (in the Pacific Rim) [more images]
  2. Little girl loves her beanie android in this awesome SciFi artwork (with teddy bear chest plate) [more about the artist]
  3. Crazy Mean Baby has been photoshopped many times (apparently without her parents’ knowledge)
    I like Colonel Sanders and Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby.
  4. The American Academy of Pediatrics says kids don’t belong in shopping carts (they suggest: "shop online")
  5. The New Bean shopping cart car "gives moms more time to shop" (time for a dad boycott of tired gender stereotypes)
  6. Patent 6,990,686 B2: protective garment for caregivers of infants and small children (or just use a dish rag)
  7. This turtle lives in a human skull with an RV camper shell mounted on top (It’s a toy)
  8. Crumb Chum chin-to-toe bib shields messy monsters (me not messy, me hungry)
  9. Eccentric topless club owner commissions space ship for 2-year-old grandson ("I’ve already got his space helmet")
  10. Bell Blocker instructs missionaries to knock instead of ring the doorbell during nap time (depriving angels of their wings)


2 Responses to “Link Rodeo, Volume 6”

  1. Defy Stereotypes says:

    Nowhere in the article about the rocket ship does it say that the guy is a topless club owner. It says he is owner of a club called “Tip Top.” Got topless women on the brain? (I do! And I AM a woman! LOL!) I also didn’t see where he said he built it for a baby… he ranks it with building a go-cart.

    August 28th, 2006 at 7:54 am

  2. AJ says:

    I didn’t state he built the spaceship for a baby, just for his 2-year-old grandson. The article lists the grandson’s age as 2.5 years.

    As for boobs on the brain, you’re correct that his topless club is not mentioned in the article. This is a case of local knowledge. The man owns a controversial topless club in a nearby town 15 minutes south of me and he once unsuccessfully ran for mayor. Calling him eccentric could be inferred from the article, but about 10 years ago I saw a comic book featuring him as its central figure. I kind of assume the comic book was self-published.

    August 28th, 2006 at 8:15 am

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