Link Rodeo, Volume 5: Research Edition

I was searching Ohio State University’s web site for a piece of baby research that turned out to be too old to be online. I did find some other interesting research news though…

  1. Preschoolers who play with their privates develop better handwriting (small objects count, right?)
  2. Three out of four dads strongly influence whether a mom breastfeeds (use your power for good)
  3. Night lights probably don’t cause nearsightedness (probably? what do you mean probably?)
  4. Your disappoint me. (guilt trips are good)
  5. College students studied in a lab considered mothers less employable (Mmm, Mother I’d Like to Fire)
  6. Single dads are just as good as single moms (Brady Bunch lied to me!)
    They were four men living all together, but they were all alone.
  7. Older children are not smarter than younger siblings (eat that, Mike!)
    Sorry, inside joke.
  8. Babies and toddlers are more attune to sound than images (all we hear is radio ga ga)
    (It’s not clever if I have to explain it. Maybe you’d prefer Video Killed the Radio Star.)
  9. Home owners raise smarter kids than renters (so homeschooling must generate geniuses, right?)
  10. You are wasting your time with nipple stimulation, enemas, tacos and tea (three out of four ain’t bad, I say)

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