Link Rodeo, Volume 4

Link Rodeo shares a mixture of baby stuff I come
across in my daily travels…

  1. Norfolk’s cutest baby identified by public vote (650 people can be wrong)
  2. A smoker’s stinky house is bad for babies (they’re calling it third-hand smoke)
  3. Arizona gives away anti-smoking bibs in smoke-free restaurants (preaching to the choir)
  4. Mothers love Jackie Chan, babies kind of indifferent (baby race photo op)
  5. Foot lever for flushing your toilet is great for potty training (keep dreaming you germ-a-phobe) [via OhGizmo!]
  6. Squid soap dispenser inks your hand to teach a lesson (scrub to remove)
  7. Cute knitted animals are born at the While She Naps blog (that kid must have narcolepsy)
  8. This painter’s portfolio puts your baby room to shame (oof, my walls are white)
  9. Satiate your pregnancy fetish at the Maternity Gallery (ooh la la!) [via Ursi's Blog]
  10. Download free color alphabet picture posters from Baby Bumble Bee (X-ray not xylophone)

Thumbnail image of 18 pregnant women standing in profile. Click to visit the Maternity Gallery.

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