Updates to Prior Posts

Original: Cuddle Sleeve: An Arm Pillow for Babies. This pillow-like arm covering comforts and protects babies from direct skin contact with care providers.

Update: I’m no Consumer Reports, but I am as bad as the New York Times. That’s the opinion expressed in one of two exceedingly critical user comments (critical about me and my lack of maternal instinct) attached to my post about the Cuddle Sleeve. The comments arrived within about 90 minutes of each other this week. I got a kick out of reading their strident defense of the Cuddle Sleeve. Take a look.

Second update: Look out Cuddle Sleeve, make room for SnuggleMuff Arm Cradle! The Muff is also a comforting arm sleeve, but for $20 less than the competition. Can anyone say… pillow fight?

Original: Child Immobilizer Showcase. Babies needing to be X-rayed are placed in plastic tubes to keep them still.

Update: Torture chamber is the title of a blogger’s post about his boy’s confinement in an immobilizer. That father is Brian Gotter, a meteorologist for WCCO TV in Minneapolis, Minn, and yes, his baby blog is hosted by his employer.

Original: Pudding Caps, Then and Now. Parents worried about babies bonking their heads wrap those noggins in protective gear.

Update: The Thumper Bumper is another "safety hat" for children or adults. I give it credit for a name as equally inventive as some of its competitors… Bumper Bonnet, Crash Cap and Thud Guard.

Self Censored: Here is a stray thought which occurred to me while composing a piece on an unrelated topic last week…

I lent a port-a-crib to a friend’s granddaughter a couple weeks ago who was visiting from New York—she couldn’t bring much with her on the plane flight. It turns out she had never seen a port-a-crib and it was now a must-buy item for her. "Where can I get one?"

I don’t know if her ignorance is a New York baby boutique shopping issue, or due to her glitterati environment working for a national women’s lifestyle guru, but apparently she’s never shopped at a chain store. Almost everything you need to raise a baby can be found at Target and K-Mart. The toys aren’t wooden and the clothing isn’t organic cotton, but sometimes the unwashed masses know something you don’t. Check it out.


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