Single to Tandem Stroller Conversions

The Buggypod by Revelo converts your solo stroller to a tandem system, allowing an older child to tag along. It’s a sidecar! Who wouldn’t want to ride in a sidecar?

Marketing photo of the Buggypod sidecar, showing a child sitting in a seat attached to a solo stroller
Your second child sits in a clip-on seat supported by a single wheel, with the whole thing attached to an aluminum tubular frame. The Buggypod folds flat against your stroller with one click when not in use. It is intended for parents with a second, walking child who occasionally gets tired.

The seat adds 15.3 inches to your stroller’s width and supports up to 33 lbs.

Unfortunately, Buggypod is only sold in Europe. Revalo states the Buggypod fits “most” strollers, including jogging and tandem strollers, via universal attachment brackets. Not surprisingly, its customer-submitted product photos don’t show it working with any strollers sold in the U.S.

If I had a second child, I’d simply buy a tandem stroller and deal with occasionally pushing a half-empty stroller.

A few additional tandemizing products are listed below.

Stroller Connector by Prince Lionheart is a molded piece of plastic which snaps two umbrella strollers into one double-wide tandem stroller. See a list of retailers on Froogle.

The following “buggy boards” are platforms for a second child to stand on:


6 Responses to “Single to Tandem Stroller Conversions”

  1. thordora says:

    that’s a freaking awesome idea. Our piece of CRAP evenflo stroller keeps losing wheels, and I still want something for when the older kidlet gets tired…I wonder if they’ll ship overseas…

    July 31st, 2006 at 4:19 pm

  2. Ted says:

    I heartily recommend the stroller connectors – have used them several times at Disney, especially excellent for getting on/off the buses, getting through the turnstyles, etc…(because they come off easily).

    That’s “Strolli” Rider, by the way.

    August 8th, 2006 at 6:02 am

  3. Alison says:

    I saw this online and thought it looked neat too… here’s the BUTs though:

    It only adds 15 inches to the width…but if you’re putting it on the side of a full sized stroller you’re going to have one really huge stroller that won’t fit through anything…

    For example, the maclaren twins are only 29 inches wide. That means your single stroller needs to be 14 inches wide only to have it fit through a standard doorway once the buggypod is attached. (with an inch of room). A maclaren triumph (small single umbrella) is already 19 inches wide. — you’d have a stroller that was 34 inches wide. So instead of fitting through doorways difficulty with a side by side stroller, you’d have no chance with the buggypod attached to even the smallest single stroller. You’d have to take the kid out, and fold the seat every time you had to fit through anything.
    And for the price (have you converted it to your currency yet??) you might as well buy a new stroller.

    August 18th, 2006 at 10:38 am

  4. Alison says:

    I forgot to mention this too… I saw a stroller in the UK that I wanted to import, and even though I found a handful of places that ship internationally, none of them were able to legally ship the stroller to me. (the new Jane Twin Two) — I didn’t want any of the car seats that go with it, just the stroller, and I still couldn’t get it.

    August 18th, 2006 at 10:40 am

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    July 28th, 2008 at 11:30 pm

  6. My Boaz's RUth says:

    Now that you have a second child, I’d be interested to know what your stroller solution is.

    July 29th, 2008 at 8:22 am