Review: The Cradle Year Calendar

The Cradle Year Calendar hung in our home for my daughter’s first year. 

Marketing photo of the cover of the Cradle Year Calendar, featuring a baby being lifted up to the sky.
This calendar begins on your baby’s birthday. The boxes representing the days of the week are blank—you write in their numbers. Suppose your baby was born on July 4th. You would write the first month in your calendar as July, not January.

Where normal calendars display a big photo above each month for eye candy, Cradle Year gives you information about developmental milestones to expect for your child each month and steps you can take to encourage development.

There are six information boxes covering vision, hearing, movement and touch, emotions and relationships, and language and thought. An example is on the calendar creator’s web site.

The sixth box is left empty as a place for you to put a baby photo as your baby changes each month. If you write down when milestones and other cute things occur, then this calendar becomes a keepsake.

We had plenty of baby books to look up milestones, but I preferred the calendar because it was quick and always at hand.

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