Link Rodeo, Vol. 3

Link Rodeo is an experiment in sharing some of the content I come across in my daily travels… stuff that doesn’t merit a full write-up. Do you want to see the rodeo every day — or never again? Shoot me an e-mail.

  1. Finally there is a baby shower gift for sandwich artists (baby hoagie)
  2. Behold a Gnome-in-the-box! (Schylling makes neat toys)
  3. Give your kid a break. Maybe vegetables do taste bad (sensitive taste buds)
  4. Dr. Phil explains how to stop a temper tantrum (he’s a doctor AND he plays one on TV)
  5. Download classic children’s books as PDF files (the public library seems easier)
  6. The Crocodile Hunter lets his daughter kick her 2-year-old brother’s head (barefoot, so it’s OK) — the star’s manager says it was a joke.
  7. Fatherhood boosts brain development (if you’re a monkey)
  8. Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine are workaholics (or Nazis, if you saw last night’s Daily Show)
  9. Baby burrower bugs stinkinate to tell mom they are hungry (new meaning for poopy diapers?)
  10. HOW TO: photograph a birthday party (a bounce flash is a must)


One Response to “Link Rodeo, Vol. 3”

  1. Mark says:

    Ugh. For the love of God, PLEASE don’t ever let me see Dr. Phool’s name on this site again. That guy is a tool of the highest order!

    July 30th, 2006 at 11:58 am

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