Link Rodeo, Vol. 2

  1. Are you as observant as a preschooler? Take this simple visual test. (I failed)
  2. Toddlers ride up front with this bicycle seat (but consider the logistics of a crash)
  3. This child strap assists kids learning to walk (use on triplets for a dog sled effect)
  4. Would a scary pull-toy keep your kid running forever? (dragon or crocodile)
  5. Book of horrors teaches "convincing dental health lessons" (scare ‘em while they’re young)
  6. And if that looking glass gets broke, Papa’s gonna buy you a billy goat (sing baby sing)
  7. I wish my daughter’s shoes had a secret compartment to hold a storybook (Fahrenheit 451)
  8. First ironclad warship immortalized as a Yankee pull-toy fashioned from Rebel wood (whatever floats your boat)
  9. Pop-up books can scar your child for life (phobias or nightmares)
  10. This six seat baby feeding table puts you at the center of attention (can you imagine?)

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