Link Rodeo

  1. Daddy bloggers are poor writers from a market perspective (Mama says)
  2. Childish neighbor insults himself with “retard” yard sign (what an assclown) [via Reddit]
  3. Parrots are as smart as 2-year-olds says childless researcher (not my 25-month-old) [via Reddit]>
  4. Dad of quadruplets brokers deals for freebies (working toward a van)
  5. Atlanta baby spa opens. Tummy time only $19.95. (I’m not kidding) [via 11Alive TV news]
  6. Baby nightclubs thrive. Toddlers love disco? (news article, club site, photos)
  7. Restroom diaper changing platforms are baby smashing stations (intended to offend)
  8. Free PC utility turns keyboard into picture sound machine (protects your files)
  9. Infant quadruplets laugh on cue in unison (youtube)
  10. Road sign presumes parents intentionally leave babies in hot cars (won’t work)

Question: Do you prefer these links written in a sometimes cryptic teaser-style (as done above), or a straight forward plain Jane style I normally use? Shoot me an e-mail (link at upper right), or I might become the world’s most annoying writer real soon.

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