I Forgot My Anniversary

Poop. Thingamababy turned one-year-old on June 29th and I didn’t even give myself flowers. Typical.

Oh, you thought my marriage’s anniversary. Yeah, no, sorry. I don’t usually write witty and deceiving post titles. I’m plain-Jane all the way.

Speaking of anniversaries, or rather celebrations, my wife’s birthday
is this month. The only gift I have squared away right now is a pair of Scrabble earrings.
She’s a Scrabble nut. I can safely divulge this information because she
doesn’t read the blog, though I often read it to her while I’m writing.

Mom’s a big Scrabble nut and a voracious reader. We don’t share the
same taste in books and I’m not a member of her book club. I’ve agreed
to participate in a movie-of-the-book club if she ever starts one up.

Anyhow, I suppose that’s enough randomness for today.

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