Huggee Miss You Dolls for Separated Loved Ones

The Huggee Miss You Doll by JAAM LLC is a plush doll with a clear photo sleeve sewn over its smiling face.

The dolls are intended for anyone who is separated from someone they love. A photo of your parent, sibling or friend is inserted into the sleeve and shazam!, you have a huggable photo.

Marketing photo of two Huggee Miss You Dolls
Obvious uses are for children with a parent serving in the military overseas, hospitalized for an extended period or working a job which requires frequent travel.

The Huggee comes in 11" and 17" tall versions. It has a patch of short goofy yarn hair and a body made of patterned fabric. Skin designs include sports equipment, cats, motorcycle dogs, American flags and camouflage. One doll variation called the Pink Fuzzy is the spitting image of a shaggy pinkish purple Bigfoot.

Without an inserted photo, to me the dolls resemble astronauts because of the rectangular 4" x 6" plastic sleeve over their faces.

With an inserted picture, the dolls are just weird. I figured people would use a close-up picture of their loved one’s face, but the manufacturer’s photo samples show some people using group photos.

People must love the Huggee though, otherwise Operation Give a Hug
wouldn’t exist. It’s a group sponsored by a nonprofit Kiwanis
organization based in Tacoma, Washington. Give a Hug states it has
distributed more than 6,000 of
these dolls and at any given time there are 200,000 American children
who have a military parent serving overseas.

One unlikely class of customer the manufacturer indicates may enjoy the dolls is "lovers." Yep, lovers. So, uhhh, buy this doll for your spouse, then come back here and tell us what body part you photographed and stuck on the doll’s face.

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  1. sarah says:

    i was just wonderin how much it would cost to order the military camo dolls for our unit

    September 19th, 2006 at 9:51 pm

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