HISITA the Booster Seat Alternative

HISITA is a booster for kitchen chairs. Pronounced "high-seat-ah," it’s a hard plastic platform for a chair to stand on. Your child isn’t restrained in any fashion; he just climbs up and sits on your regular chair.

Marketing photo of the HISITA chair booster depicting a toddler sitting on the chair at a kitchen tableLet’s look at the manufacturer’s three listed benefits one at a time.

  • Prevents rocking & tipping of kitchen chairs.

That claim sounds reasonable.

  • Raises the chair to the same height as a booster seat.

BZZT. According to a retailer, HISITA raises your chair three inches. My daughter is raised 4.5 inches using our Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat. The appropriate height varies with each child. Thankfully, my Fisher-Price seat has several height settings.

  • Your child is now part of the family at the kitchen table.

That claim is reasonable, but regular booster seats perform the same function.

The key perk of this product seems to be the no-tip factor. Give it some thought if you have an adventurous toddler.

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