Great Big Baby Stuff For Your Small, Crowded Family Home sells abnormally large products, sometimes real, sometimes props. The following baby and toddler objects are said to be perfect for new parents or as baby shower gifts. You see, seasoned parents would shudder at the thought of squeezing another baby item into their cramped homes, let alone gigantic non-functioning baby products.

Marketing photo of a boy holding a giant plastic crayon, surrounded by other giant plastic crayons.

Great Big Crayon—A 54-inch long plastic crayon with a 7-inch diameter, covered in a paper wrapper. The crayon is available in six colors. It would make a nice gift for rabid fans of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Great Big Baby Bottle—This 22-inch tall blue or pink baby bottle bank has a removable cap. The retailer says it’s "a great way to start saving for college." Sure, you could collect spare change, hoping to amass tens of thousands of dollars within 18 years, or you could open a 529 college savings account and pack away a small percentage of your paycheck every month.

Great Big Baby Diaper Pin—Who needs a 36-inch long plastic and chrome-plated steel diaper pin? Even among proponents of reusable diapers, pin users are a minority. But I guess no one wants to buy a great big strip of Velcro or giant plastic snaps.

Great Big Rubber Duck—Everyone needs a 9-inch tall duck that is almost 1-foot long. Have you noticed most rubber ducks are made from plastic?

Great Big Beach Ball—Maybe a 4-foot beach ball isn’t such a crazy idea. My daughter was grasping a 2-foot beach ball sometime after her first birthday. A 4-foot ball could be pushed by toddlers, if not picked up.

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