Cooling Kid Car Seats in the Summer: A Product Roundup

How do you cope with strapping your toddler into a hot car seat with burning buckles during the summer months? I really don’t know. Here on California’s coast we moan when the temperature reaches 70F. When Little Miss yells “hot!,” I roll down the window. We’re so spoiled.

When Kevin at WebGoonies contemplated traveling in Arizona’s summer heat, it got me wondering what products exist to address the issue. Here is what I found.

Marketing photo of the Seat Chiller by Kooler Kidz

Seat Chiller by Kooler Kidz — Imagine a flexible gel ice pack which runs the length of your toddler’s car seat. To prepare, you roll it up and stick it in your freezer. Then you just unroll the thing on the seat the first time you depart your vehicle, being sure buckles are positioned underneath the pad. WebGoonies reports the Seat Chiller remained cool for about four hours in 105F heat.

Marketing photo of the Comfaset by Caring Parent Designs

Comfaset the Cool Car Seat Cover by Caring Parent Designs — A thermal blanket stashed behind the car seat unrolls to cover the seat. You insert an ice pack of your choosing into a small supplied tub and place the tub on the seat. A cool air pocket is created between the seat and blanket. Between uses on a car trip the ice pack can be tucked into the rolled blanket to prolong it’s life. Kudos to the Comfaset inventor for admitting parents could use a blanket to keep a seat from overheating, while still touting the product’s better-than-blanket perks.

Marketing photo of the Car Seat Shade by Prince Lionheart

Car Seat Shade by Prince Lionheart—This product folds out and looks like a windshield shade, but instead of being flat it’s a complete 3-D cover for your kid’s car seat. It is not intended for use while your child is seated.

Marketing photo of the Sol-Kool Car Seat Sun Shade by AiWen

Sol-Kool Car Seat Sun Shade by AiWen — This shade is a flexible fabric and mesh tent-like structure which sits around your child. Two zippers allow you to pull open a front flap for moving your toddler in and out of the seat. The tent filters sunlight for the metal buckles and your child’s eyes.

Marketing photo of the Wrap Around Infant Carrier Sun Protector by Sasha's Kiddie Products

Wrap Around Infant Carrier Sun Protector by Sasha’s Kiddie Products — Here is a solution for an infant. It’s a mesh cover for an infant seat intended to absorb (deflect) the sun’s heat, while allowing visual access for parents and maintaining air flow to the infant.

In lieu of these products, I’d minimize heat issues with tinted windows or window shades, and by placing a blanket over the car seat while your family is not inside the vehicle. Upon entering the vehicle it helps to open all doors to quickly release trapped heat. Opening at least two doors helps facilitate air flow, especially if there is a breeze.

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