The Berry Vest by Baby Raspberry LLC

This time last year, I reported on the Baby Arm Toy Playground, a device for attaching toys to your arm for when your baby is sitting on your lap, or for plane flights and such. That product appears to still be under development.

BerryvestToday, let’s look at The Berry Vest by Baby Raspberry LLC. When your baby is seated during a long trip, avoid arm strain by attaching toys and pacifiers directly to your baby’s chest. The Big Idea is that babies always drop their toys and parents always wash them, so make it impossible to drop toys.

Hang items from straps or tuck them inside one of four pockets. The straps snap to the vest and hold toys with Velcro. The vest sells for about $35, or $25 without toys.

I clarified one point with the company via e-mail:

"Our vests are considered one size fits all, but would probably come close to a 2T clothing size. It wears large on young babies. However, the purpose of our vest is geared towards children who are using pacifiers and/or teethers which primarily consists of the age range 6 months to 24 months. [...] We see this as primarily a traveling companion which means children are more than likely seated (planes, trains, automobiles, strollers, grocery cards, etc.) which makes the sizing a non-issue."

The idea seemed goofy to me, but call the vest travel gear and I want one. The thing is, Little Miss is now almost 2-years-old and she’s just now discovering the joy of pockets. I suppose because we’re talking about a travel vest, it should still fit for a good while.

Not to be disrespectful, but I had an idea while writing this, so I must issue a prediction. This time next year, I will debut my new invention… the Toddler Toytime Hat. Playthings dangle in front of your child’s face, always at hand and always commanding your child’s attention… because he has no other choice when toys are bumping against his face. At naptime, you tilt the hat over your child’s eyes to calm and soothe him to sleep. Buy the fedora, cowboy or sombrero model and you help protect your child from skin cancer, too. Several years later I will be sued by parents when their babies grow up to be cross-eyed.


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  1. Grier says:

    this is a great product, but my mother makes it cheaper.

    February 19th, 2007 at 9:11 am

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