Review: Simple Puzzle Pairs Matching Games by eeBoo

Simple Puzzle Pairs by eeBoo are matching games using sets of two-piece cardboard puzzles. Kids first match pictures and then put the interlocking pieces together.

This game promotes matching abilities and fine motor skills. Older kids learn words because the name of each object is printed on the tiles.

Photo of two interlocking Baby Animals puzzle pieces. At left is a mother robin. At right is a baby bird in a nest.
Unlike matching games where you group two identical images together, the eeBoo images are merely related.

We own the Baby Animals puzzle pair set. It has 20 pairs of mother and baby animal images in pastels on 3 by 2.5 inch tiles. A white mother duck connects to three yellow ducklings. A pink flamingo mother connects to a white flamingo chick. And so forth.

It’s that difference which adds a dimension to the game. Little Miss gets tripped up, sometimes trying to match a mother rhinoceros to a baby elephant because the baby rhino has no visible horn. Wrong matches will not interlock, spurring Little Miss to proclaim, "No fit."

Other animals, such as bears and cats, present no problem. Through a process of elimination my daughter can match the tough animals.

We play by positioning all mother pieces face up, then drawing one baby piece at a time to match. At 24-months-old, Miss will also play with these tiles collaboratively with her best friend, who is four months older.

Other puzzle pair products include Alphabets and Numbers, Opposites, and Rhyming Words. They are rated for 3 years and up, but Little Miss has had fun with Animal Pairs since she was 20 months old.

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