Plush Nursing Pets by Manhattan Toy

Nursing Nina the cat, Nursing Nana the dog and Nursing Nuna the pig are plush mothers from Manhattan Toy.

Each mama has three plush babies which latch with magnets beneath the fabric. The mothers are about 13 inches long and have paws weighted by bean bags. The toys are rated for 3-year-olds and up.

Marketing photo of Nursing Nina the plush mother can and three baby cats which nurse via magnetsI was surprised when I found these yesterday at a toy store. Cute? Absolutely. Would I buy one for my daughter? Maybe if one of our cats were pregnant. Maybe if I didn’t believe in neutering and spaying pets to limit the population of unwanted, abandoned animals. Give my daughter a feral momma cat whose kitties are doomed? Nah.

At least Nursing Nuna the momma pig gets a reprieve. Piglets won’t go unwanted so long as society considers them tasty.

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